Blockbuster Invention Launch… OMG


I can remember back when we shifted from IBM/Microsoft products over to Apple. It was an exciting time because the Apple products empowered everybody in our creative division. It’s so interesting today to see Microsoft maneuvering to establish themselves back into the market with artists and creative people. It looks like Microsoft is getting serious about establishing a dominant position among the creative class. You will see a video below that will highlight a recent product launch by Microsoft. Microsoft innovation has struck at the core of the basic Apple tools to empower creative people, and this new machine that they have invented has amazed our Creationeers. They have done a great job with their inventing phase, their “making it affordable” phase, and have achieved a very high level of storytelling that leaves people feeling tingles up and down their spine when they watch their YouTube masterpiece. While they have a great deal of work to do to attempt to occupy the consumer’s mind in this creative way, my hat’s off to them.

Things to note:

  • First, they desire to innovate and make a better machine that worked in a new, creative way to empower us.
  • Second, they used their observational ability to identify opportunities for improvement over the existing technology on the market.
  • Third, they worked hard to design, prototype, build, test and re-do it again and again to improve their innovation regardless of probable timeline and financial pressures to push out the innovative product.
  • Fourth, they aligned themselves with good storytellers who not only knew how to capture our imagination, but send shivers up our spine by combining powerful, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing, moving imagery. Additionally, they chose a song that would remind us of our fondest childhood memory of when our imaginations thrived.
  • Lastly, they even chose wonderful musicians who innovated the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory song.

Thanks to all of the creative people who collaborated to bring these creations to life. See below and enjoy the show!