Wannabe Inventors & Entrepreneurs: Stay Above It!


There will always be other companies and people who try to make sure you are not going to be the leading person or new company in an industry. Simply put, you’ve got to stay above it.

We understand that as a market leader, we are in an envious position because we have the most inventions being sold, and we are building the most new product samples going into major retail buyer meetings. Our nature is to be humble and grateful and not speak negatively of those in the industry who have not been met with our level of success.

I find it very interesting because this is the story of all successful inventors. The story goes like this: Some inventor comes along and observes a challenge and works hard to invent something better. Once he or she goes to market, smart inventors know that the products, people and companies that will be displaced by what has been invented will begin to try and undermine them. THIS IS NORMAL! When you try and make things better in this world, you must hope that you’re strong enough to help lift an entire industry (even when they try to undermine you every day). Leadership carries a strong burden, and staying above the chaos your competition tries to create is what you must do to lift an entire market.

My organizations want to increase the pace of innovation in our country and our method took me many years to invent. It was my dream to invent a better way to invent, because the old ways didn’t work for me. They worked fine for large corporations with big budgets, but as an entrepreneur, I needed a more cost effective way. It was painful! If my better way to invent is successful one day, the name “Davison” will resonate in people’s minds as the way to develop their idea! Until then, we will continue to get our name on more and more inventions that are available for sale in the market.

The lesson is: Being a market leader carries a lot of responsibility. All of you inventors and entrepreneurs out there, who are dreaming of seeing your products in stores one day, must stay strong in the face of opposition and simply stay above it!