George M Davison



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A Creative Genius, Entrepreneur Magazine

Davison leverages over 25 years of inventing expertise to lead a product development company that transforms invention dreams into affordable realities. Garnering shrewd business sense, technological savvy, and marketing finesse throughout an undeniably successful career, Davison has led the company that bears his name to product placement in over 1,200 worldwide retailers. With unparalleled creativity, he turned an empty warehouse into Inventionland, a 61,000-square-foot fantastical design facility where his own patented inventing method gives life to new product ideas for inventors and corporations alike. Davison continues to pursue new business ventures, work on developing new academic curriculum, and support philanthropic causes.


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    Davison Design & Development

    Davison creates a system to get ideas designed, developed, and prepared for licensing in one place and at a price point affordable for consumers, operating his company in the basement of his grandfather’s home..


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    Davison Design & Development

    The company’s multiple locations unite under one roof in RIDC Park, O’Hara Township, in a 36,000-square-foot facility that remains the headquarters of Davison’s national sales and licensing divisions.


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    Founder & CEO


    Davison creates Inventionland, a fantastical, 60,000-square-foot design facility to inspire and stimulate designers who bring new products to life in 16 themed sets.



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