Ford Model T Day!


Today, 107 years ago, Henry Ford’s first production Model T was completed in Detroit, Michigan, which would mark the beginning of a new era of automotive innovation and revolutionize production and transportation accessibility.

Last month, our Davison and Inventionland teams in Pittsburgh and Irwin traveled to Dearborn, Michigan, to tour the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. We were so inspired after learning about this iconic inventor’s successes, adversities, and inspirations that I worked to arrange a motivational trip for our sunny Florida office, too.

Last weekend, the team visited Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Meyers, Florida, where Henry Ford spent the winter season with his role model and friend, Thomas Edison, developing and improving upon familiar processes and inventions. The estates are beautiful and verdant, including a botanical garden, rubber factory, and more to explore. They found the trip to be a thrilling and educational experience, which motivated them to continue to counsel the aspiring inventors that may help shape our world.

Considering the influence and successes of Ford and Edison reignite my own passion to improve quality of life. I’m happy to celebrate Model T Day with our brilliant teams.