Innovation in Autonomous Motion


Humans optional. While the wheels and pedals we’re used to and associate with a motor vehicle remain, Tesla Motors is moving full speed ahead, putting innovation in autonomous motion.

In an October press briefing, Tesla CEO Elon Musk envisioned a much different future for motor vehicles. “People will not need hands on the wheel – and eventually there won’t be wheels and pedals,” envisioned Musk.

Fully driverless cars thanks to a new “Summon” feature in the Tesla Model S and X; cars that park and drive themselves in and out of garages; cars with Autosteer that limit their own speeds on residential roads – all of it certainly requires immense attention to safety concerns and rigorous testing, but it’s the pure possibility that’s so intriguing.

It’s this type of forward-thinking that we as inventors and innovators can appreciate. There’s always a better way to do something. Perhaps it’s yet to be discovered. Perhaps it’s an idea in the works. The process of ideation allows us to travel down many different roads. It’s important to always keep that road open for reaching new potentials and uncovering a myriad of possibilities.

Where do you see the future of motor vehicles and transportation? What other instances of innovation do you foresee in 2016 and beyond? Here’s to enjoying the ride!