A Better Way to Invent


I’ve always done things a little differently than most people. I discovered a love for entrepreneurialism early on, selling treats to my classmates and developing product ideas in high school. The time I spent dreaming in my childhood tree house would largely inform the creation and culture of my product development company, Davison, and then the world of Inventionland.

After completing my education in economics and computer science at Allegheny College, I began designing a product to sanitize toothbrushes. After two years of development, I was ultimately beat to the market by a large corporation. I was discouraged, but the failure would afford me insight into inherent challenges and flaws in the inventing process.

It became my project to make this process both affordable and more efficient through the Davison ™ Inventing Method. By developing a system that drew from my experience in both economics and inventing, I was able to offer design, development, and licensing preparation under one roof. I understand the spirit of the innovator and the power that can be accessed by nurturing an idea into an invention. I wanted to be a part of that.

What began as a small venture in the basement of my grandfather’s house has expanded into the fantastical world of Inventionland, a 60,000-square-foot design facility where new products come to life in 16 themed sets. With over 1,200 client products in stores and online, we have helped inventors from all over the world materialize their ideas for over 20 years. That’s a better way to invent.